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MRS2000+ designo accompanying the ‘NOTRE DAME SISTERS’

Sister Phyllis Marie Heble, ND, who has obtained extensive knowledge in pulsed magnetic fields and became certified by MediConsult in the year of 2007, has now returned to the convent mother house in Omaha, Nebraska.

While serving as the chair person of the St. Thomas More Health Committee in Denver, her passion extended to magnetic resonance stimulation which she successfully applied to needy parishioners. This passion was further fueled by a significant bone density improvement which she experienced personally. In addition, the MRS 2000 became a very supportive tool in her ‘healing touch’ another form of energy therapy.

Back in Omaha, Sister Phyllis continues her work with the MRS 2000, offering treatments to the Sisters, the needy and also at Hospice Care. In admiration of Sister Phyllis’s dedication and in fulfillment of our MRS 2000 charity program, MediConsult was happy to donate an additional MRS 2000 MED to the convent of the NOTRE DAME SISTERS.

In deep gratitude, the Sisters wish to extend greetings to MediConsult and to all of us with their picture below. At the same time, we will learn that Sisters have long given up their ‘Sister-Look’ which we were all familiar with, but it seems fitting just as well and we wish them the very best.

Hermina Danneil
MediConsult USA

Picture:  Sister Phyllis Marie Heble, ND (end of the mat) handing over the mat to Mother Superior, Sister Margaret Hickey, ND (right) and Julia Hebenstreit, J.D., Vice President for Advancement – Notre Dame Sisters.


Telsiu Kriziu centre,Telsiai, Lithuania

Dear MediConsult authorities,

Our center is officially registered as a non profit organization and we solely work with 16 volunteers. In addition we also work with various specialists (  psychologists, psychotherapists, general medically trained people and social workers).

Our patients ( most of them are pretty young) suffer from  depression due to all kind of social problems. This fact also results in all kinds of illnesses ( mostly psychosomatic related illnesses ). In this case the donated MRS will be used to destress people and to overall support healing. MRS is also used for good general "wellbeing" of our young people with psychologic and physical issues.

We offer all our services for free.

As we just started using the MRS we will now collect valuable datas and observe the results over time. Once we evaluated some of the indivdual cases, we will of course report and inform about our progress.

We feel very honored, that MediConsult Charity was able to donate a Magnetic Resonance Stimulation System for our organization as it will truely enhance our possibilities to help our patients.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Vanda Benatiene

Telsiu Kriziu centre,Telsiai, Lithuania

Telsiu Kriziu centre,Telsiai, Lithuania

Telsiu Kriziu centre,Telsiai, Lithuania

Telsiu Kriziu centre,Telsiai, Lithuania

Joshua Creek Heritage and Arts Center Charity Project!

With the donation of 2 MRS 2000 Joshua Creek, who has been host of a number of our MediConsult events, has now extended their Charity program to include MRS 2000 sessions in their wellness and mediation area. MediConsult is proud to be able to support this program in making this technology available to the community in Oakville at the Joshua Creek Heritage and Arts Centre. Thank you Sybil (owner of Joshua creek) for your enthusiasm and your beautiful helping heart.
Thank you Bob Connolly for your never-ending efforts of spreading the word about the power of the MRS 2000 and your supporting this cause.

Your MediConsult Team




MRS 2000+ designo for VZW LINK

charity_cuynen_bartDear Mr. Wolfgang Jaksch,

I would like to thank you in the name of the entire board of our association "LINK" for your generous donation of a MRS 2000 + designo to support our children with learning disabilities.
The MRS 2000 + designo system will create a great additional value in our snoezelroom and snoezelactivities. In this special room, we work with children, suffering from socioemotional problems, by helping to find themselves. Our snoezelroom is decorated in the four natural elements (water, fire, air and earth), furthermore we are working intensively with gemstones. We are sure, you understand the value of geomagnetism in this space.
The entire setup allow us a unique and powerful snoezelen for around 30 children each week.

Cuynen Bart




Santa Fe Soul Foundation

Dear Wolfgang,

We were recently gifted two MRS 2000 units for our non-profit foundation, the Santa Fe Soul Foundation. On behalf of Dr. Robyn Benson, our Board of Directors, Staff and the clients who will directly benefit from these units, I wish to express deep gratitude and thanks!

Santa Fe Soul Foundation is dedicated to healing our community by helping the people of New Mexico access complementary alternative healthcare treatments and education. I have attached our recent brochure for you to see the work we are doing. Our goal is to reach at least seventy people in the coming months through a variety of offerings. We feel fortunate to be able to include the MRS 2000 as an integral part of the therapies offered through our programs.

For over two years, the MRS has been use as both a primary and complimentary wellness modality in the Health and Healing Center of which our non-profit is a branch. The 30 practitioners we have on staff benefit daily from the MRS2000 and the iMRS by feeling more centered, relaxed, rejuvenated and energized to meet their clients in sessions. Employing the mat with various modalities has also reduced treatment time and added to the efficacy of each treatment. I perform many of the intravenous therapies here and the mat has aided me greatly in inducing systemic relaxation and vasodialation, which makes insertion and placement of an IV catheter very easy. This procedure is further enhanced by running the MRS during the treatment so as to maximize the uptake and assimilation of the nutrients. The MRS has been a safe, noninvasive way to treat everyone who visits our clinic. I can say that with every patient/condition we have treated in the last two years, each has benefited in some way and we have testimonials and stories too numerous to list here.

The MRS has helped shape the destiny of our clinic. In addition to offering a full range of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, we are also now known as a hub for various Energy Medicine modalities. PEMF therapy has become a "household " term if not reality for many of our clients and colleagues and we feel fortunate to be companions with Mediconsult on this new paradigm wave of wellness.


Sudarshan Ahben, Case Manager
on behalf of Santa Fe Soul Foundation

Sisters of "O.L.Vrouw van 7 Weeën"

letter_off_sponsoringTranslation of the original letter :

We sisters of "O.L.Vrouw van 7 Weeën" would like to express our deepest gratitude for sponsoring a MRS 2000 + designo for our little convent. We live together in one house with 28 sisters, 8 of them are in constant need of special health care.We bought already 2 MRS2000 med systems in the past, but for 28 sisters it was simply not enough to fulfill the daily needs of applications. With the third new system given to us by MediConsult Charity now every sister will get the opportunity to use it on a daily basis.
We feel very, very grateful about receiving this wonderful gift from you and we assure to utilize it as much as we can.


Sister Adrienne Neirynck
President, VZW Sisters O.L.V. Van 7 Weeën



Lindsay Villages Charity Project!

The Autism Symposium at the Canadian Christian College in Toronto was a wonderful opportunity to present Lindsay Villages (Charity for Autism) with 7 MRS 2000. Lindsay Villages (, among other goals, provides short and long term facilities in which autistic persons can have a safe environment that provides the best possible quality of care and life skills training. MediConsult is proud to be part of such a wonderful charity with such a far-reaching vision. We look forward to reporting successes with PEMF sessions and to visit the Lindsay facility in the near future. Thank you Ron Swaddling (executive director) and Marcel Wolfe (MediConsult Health Technician) for pursuing yet another opportunity to make a difference and facilitating the event.

All the best to all of you!

Your MediConsult Team

Lindsay Vill Charity

Lindsay Vill_Charity

Quebec Fibromyalgia Association Charity Project!

Thank you Robert and Mireille (and everyone involved) for your effort in assisting the Association for Fibromyalgia in Laval, Quebec to obtain 7 MRS 2000 for their many clients. We know how beneficial the MRS is for this condition. Despite our language barrier we all managed to complete this important project in our quest to make this technology available to those who really need it. Thank you all for caring! Thank you Chantal for your beautiful Thank You card and here are your words:


Dear MediConsult,
We offer you this maple liquor flavor of Quebec in recognition for your 7 free MRS 2000 units. Thanks to you, our members with Fibromyalgia will have the chance to discover a very innovative approach to healing. On behalf of the team of the Association of Fibromyalgia in Laval, I offer you my sincere thanks

Chantal Globensky, présidente
Association de la fibromyalgie de Laval
1435, boul. Saint-Martin Ouest, bureau 310
Laval, Québec, H7S 2C6 450 933-1123


Dr. Peggy Fraser

Just wanted to thank you and my "benefactor" of my awesome MRS 2000! I have used it every day that I am in Denver. Talk about ENERGY! I don’t ever seem to be "beat" when I come home from work anymore. This has enabled my ministry power to be extended to so many places: Mexico, China, Albania and Africa. God just keeps putting people in my face and telling me to "go for it!"
One thing that did come up was with my left knee. After pounding it for 5 miles a day for 3 weeks, it really started hurting. With the machine, I have been able to keep this under control. I had to go to Orlando for 6 days on a national speaking engagement and didn’t take it. I could hardly walk when I came home. Couldn’t wait to get back to my machine...voila, under control for the most part.
Thanks again for this incredible opportunity to be running for Gods work!!
Blessings and hugs,

Dr. Peggy Fraser

Wendy Oakes

I do want to report that I am using the MRS2000 machine every day and feel it is making a real difference in my life.  There is less pain and I believe it truly relieves some of the crazy stress we all experience in this fast world we live in.  Each day I give thanks for you in your generosity in allowing me this opportunity and true health improvement.  Thank you again and again for your gifting.

Wendy Oakes
Director of Connections Ministry
Greenwood Community Church

St. Eugene Charity Event in Brampton, Ontario!

As announced in our last newsletter, we have begun to respond to requests from charities, which greatly benefit from using the MRS 2000. The first one being St. Eugene, Hope for the Future Foundation.

On a beautiful late Saturday afternoon we presented the first MRS 2000 units to Bozena Zmurko, President of St. Eugene Foundation in Brampton, Ontario. Bozena, who owns an MRS 2000 herself had made her unit available to many of these children over the past and witnessed first-hand the wonderful results in these children. From improved mental clarity, relaxation, calmness and even happiness, all these benefits are incredible for these children and their care-taking parents. St. Eugene is a foundation for children with special needs whose parents mostly live on low incomes. Thank you Bozena, for giving The Health Technicians of Canada the opportunity to make such a difference in the quality of the lives of your wonderful, special children and we look forward to experience their progress.

Thank you to Halina Markowski for being there with me. It feels wonderful to make a difference in the world!

Allie Ochs, President of The Health Technicians Canada



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Jump and Jive for Mito Awareness Gala Event!

An evening of glamour, gourmet food and wonderful entertainment at the Bingham Park in Kitchener! The Jump and Jive for Mito Awareness Gala night was much more than that: an evening of hope and wonderful people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children affected by Mitochondrial disease. While most people may have never heard the word or even now that we all have Mitochondria, for us at MediConsult this is our business.

Simply put, Mitochondria are the powerhouses of most cells in the human body generating the energy needed by the body to perform all functions. Impairment or compromised Mitochondria function means less energy is converted in the cell, cells may stop working or die, parts of the body may not function and the result is a variety of health problems.

The MRS 2000 (or the new iMRS) activates cell function through natural pulsed electromagnetic fields, which is great news for all of us -just think if all the cells in the body function at their optimal level how the body will repair, restore, regenerate and revive! For MediConsult it is a natural fit to align with this Gala event and we donated 4 MRS 2000 devices to help these children improve cell function- we think we are onto something! Little Madi will be the first recipient of the MRS 2000 and we will stay keep up with her progress.

Thank you Walter Gretzky (father of the famous Canadian Hockey Player Wayne Gretzky) for your wonderful speech and great company. Thank you Laurie and Jessica for such an amazing event and allowing MediConsult to be a part of spreading hope! Thank you Holly Dunn and David Bastedo for being part of the cause and making this wonderful connection and for your commitment to support this Charity with guidance on using the MRS 2000. We are proud to have you as one of our representatives in our company.

On the way to healthier cells


Allie Ochs, President Health Technicians Canada



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